Prayer Worship Word In Spirit and In Truth

Live in the moment FILLED with JOY.

God is. God is love. God loves each and every of us so much that He wants us to live with Him forever. God gave each one of us "the measure of faith".  We choose where our faith is directed and applied. We will have what we direct and apply our faith to. If we direct and apply our faith to the things of this world we will perish with it at the end of all things. When we direct and apply our faith to God and His Kingdom, God is eternal and we live forever in Him with Him. His invitation is called "grace". By grace Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born to a virgin named Mary some 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ was the only person for all time that ever lived a perfect blameless life to God. This act of perfect righteousness earned Him and Him alone the right to willingly take the death penalty in place of all of the rest of us who do wrong, fall short, and are not perfect before God Most High. This right includes the power to give His perfect and eternal life to others. God provided Himself a Savior for us in and through Jesus Christ. Everyone who will direct and apply their measure of faith to receiving His free gift of Eternal Life has everlasting life. God places on them a down payment, the Holy Spirit to lead us into the paths of righteousness for His name's sake to the glory of God world without end. Direct and apply your faith to Jesus Christ.

"now bring ME A MINSTREL". While the minstrel played the hand of the lord came upon elisha. 2 Kings 3:15

Worship in Public

Take "Christ in you, the mystery of the ages" with you into all public activities.

Worship in Church

Serve Visual Media, Vocal & Instrumental Worship, Sound Production, Webstream.


Worship with Family

Love God with our entire heart mind soul strength. Love one another as ourselves.

Worship in Heart

Individual worshippers & minstrels express prayer & worship to the Most High God.

Jesus Christ is alive forever! "In My Father’s house there are many homes. If it were not so, I would have told you;" - John 14:2