What We Do

First music production experience was gathered in 4th - 6th grades. The B# All Boys Choir competed at the Colligate level, appeared on Television, recorded an album, and traveled New York State giving concerts from prestigious concert halls to Retirement Homes. Standing ovations of thunderous applause to tear streaked hugs from beds and wheelchairs ended any form of stage freight or self-conciseness forever. Now that Jesus is our audience of ONE it is SO much better! All glory to King Jesus.

My personal venues are Acoustic, Electric guitar, Bass, a bit of Ukelele and Banjo, Vocals. I also provide up to 4000 watts of Crown xTi power  through mains and subs with a 100' Stage Box Snake to a Presunus StudioLive 24-4-2. Awesome system. Thank You God.

Living Worship To The Living God

Our Vision

BE THE MINSTREL. Elisha called for a minstrel to evoke the presence of God. When the minstrel played the Hand of the Lord came upon him and he prophesied "dig ditches!" Thus the combined armies of Judah, Israel, and Edom, their families and animals were saved from 100% certain death by dehydration in the waterless desert 7 days journey from the nearest water! Worshippers led the march around Jericho. Paul & Silas sang hymns as an earthquake shook open all prison doors & freed their shackles!

Who We Are

Gary D. Reynolds - born 1/21/1955, born again 12/22/1979! Praise Jesus somebody! Thank You God.

"We" are anyone who will in Spirit and in Truth join in prayer and worship of Most High God. In 2010, WorshipStudio was conceived by a word from the Holy Spirit to "facilitate the high praise of young musicians taking worship to the next level". Public Worship at festivals, in High Schools, College Campuses, on Streets and Alleys, tent revival meetings, Churches, Houses of Prayer, homes, airports, hospitals, restaurants, Garden of Gethsemane & Caesarea Coliseum pictured - anytime anywhere is the time and place for worship & prayer.

About WorshipStudio